The goal is to foster the social and cultural development of Africa through fashion and art. AFG takes on the international front an osmotic process of the value of African cultural heritage with that of the rest of the world.

Each catwalk on which the creations, models and models of AFGs in the world are depicted, are a symbolic bridge to promote intercultural dialogue, osmosis and contamination between different artistic languages.

Who we are
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"Frican Fashion Gate can not be summed up in a simple brand: Is a LIFESTYLE, a way of being where we can all recognize ourselv"

Marco Tosatto, studente IED (Istituto Europeo di Design)

African Fashion Gate (AFG) is a No Profit Association that supports a social and cultural development program conceived by Nicola Paparusso (Platinium) and sponsored by the Senegal Ministry of Culture and Communication

Our locations are in Dakar, Tunis, Denmark, Rome, Naples, Milan, Paris and the state of Delaware (USA). She received patronage from the Ministry of Culture and Communication of Senegal and the Banco di Napoli Foundation

We support the development of local models, artists and designers with the aim of creating the first West African Fashion and Design Academy in Dakar

Dakar Project

AFG wants to create in Dakar the first Academy of Fashion and Costume and the first African Fashion Museum. Part of the proceeds of each initiative is preserved and invested in the development of these projects.

Dona ora

Accademia di Moda e Costume e Museo della Moda Africana

  • Sviluppo40%
  • Design60%
  • Fondit25%

Ethical Laboratory

Ethical Laboratory? Yes, the African Fashion Gate is a permanent Ethical Laboratory against the phenomena of racism and xenophobia.


Les Cygnes Noirs

Within AFG there is also an ethical agency, Les Cygnes Noirs. The agency is composed exclusively of black models and models, and aims to increase the proportion of black models on international footbridges. Today, the percentage is less than 5%. The same mission as the protection of fundamental human rights is extended to the disabled, such as the blind

“We continue to develop local models, artists and designers with the goal of creating the first West African Fashion and Design Academy in Dakar”.


Among the venues of AFG, the Italian is distinguished from the others in order to include "La Moda Veste la Pace": a series of annual appointments including the Parade of the Decorative Arts of the Louvre in Paris, the parade in Dakar and An itinerant event in Italy.

Tomorrow, the African Fashion Gate stays in Rome for a promotional event. Many photographers arriving to capture AFG models come down from the world's most famous staircase "

LA REPUBBLICA, 11 Maggio 2017

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About us

Team Europe

Vice President

Axel Paparusso


Marinella Modica

Istitutional Relations

Valentina Parisi

Arts and Culture

Kaïgé Jean Bale Simoës de Fonseca

Team Africa


Abdul Aziz Mbaye

Special Adviser to the President of the Republic of Senegal

General Secretary

Nicola Paparusso

Writer, TV Producer and Director


Alex Kfoury Rabih

CEO Platinium


Ben Abdallah Gadiaga

International Trade Consultant

AFG World

Ambassador AFG Delaware (USA)

Stefania Panza

Ambassador AFG Tunisia

Amel Ayachi

Ambassador AFG Senegal in Italia

Fatima Cissè

Ambassador Afg Senegal

Aminata Badiane

Ambassador AFG Francia

Awa Sagna

Ambassador Equal Opportunities

Hodan Tahir

Princess of Somalia

Ambassador Afg in Danimarca

Francesca Burchiella

Ambasciatore Regno Unito

Gaetano D'Angelo